Bullet Journal August 2019 | Reflections + September Goals

August has been a crazy month of ups and downs this year. It has been filled with birthdays, work changes, and re-sparking a new joy and love for an old passion. I am beginning my journey of sharing this passion through bullet journaling. It combines two of my favorite activities: art + organization. Have you ever made a digital list, go to check something off of it, then *POOF* the thing you accomplished has vanished into the black hole of never never land. Not to be heard of, or ever remembered again. Pen to paper is so rewarding, and almost a lost art of itself. *She said typing on her expensive digital device*.

In all seriousness, I bring you the bullet journal. If you’re unfamiliar with bullet journaling I’ll break it down. It is a custom planner, journal, life organizer, anything you want it to be book. That’s right, it’s a blank canvas for you to fill with whatever you choose, and here’s mine:

Rainbows, clouds, and dreamland have been my state of mind this month. As you can see I made that my theme for this month. I think it’s important to actualize your dreams by writing them down on paper and revisiting them. I also find that by writing down goals each month it helps achieve your overall arching goals for the year. Whether that be working out, reading some new books, or starting on a passion project you’ve been meaning to start since January. Monthly goals help keep me grounded with realistic steps to achieve the big stuff.

Next, I decided to add a monthly calendar to see the overall picture. Here is where I add birthdays, appointments, and the most important to-do’s of the month. I also have a space for books on the sidebar. This will be a list of recommendations I want to get to and inspiration to grow my mind and ideas. And, yes, audio books count too!

From here, I knew I wanted to add weekly layouts so I know what I can do each day to accomplish my monthly goals. Have you gathered I am a creative type A at this point? This month I am trying out a couple of weekly layout styles to see which one works with my week flow the best. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a cat pic <3.

To finish off the month I thought it would be important to have a reflection page. This is something that does not often come standard in a typical planner, but it adds value to keep myself accountable with the tasks and experiences I challenge myself with. Now, it’s impossible to finish ALL the tasks/plans I’ve ever made. So, I added a review of things to look at as I take on the next month with an ideas space on how to accomplish the new ventures.

It’s tough starting something new, but with an open heart, a custom plan of action, and maybe some coffee + music we can all take the next step to be a better us.

Let’s do what we love, and do a lot of it. –Marc Jacobs

BEST 10 Lip Glosses for Summer 2018

As a lipgloss lover, I don’t need any excuse to wear a good, shiny lip…but doesn’t summer just scream GLOW?? Who knows, maybe glow next year will be the matte of this year? Am I still making sense? Regardless, I have been slathering on the shine since the 5th grade and I don’t see an end in sight. Of all the glosses I have (more than I’d like to admit) these have made it into my top 10. I hope you enjoy these glistening favorites of mine!

Products mentioned:
Too Faced Glossy Lip Insurance
Lancome Juicy Shaker in Mangoes Wild
Rimmel Oh My Gloss! in Pop Poppy
Buxom Full on Lip Cream/Lip Liner in White Russian
Lorac Alter Ego Lipgloss in Icon
Wet N Wild Color Icon Lipgloss in Pout of Paradise
Milani Brilliant Shine Lipgloss in Coral Crush #10
Soap & Glory Pillow Plump XXL in Pinkwell
Marc Jacobs High Shine Enamored Lipgloss in Pretty Thing
Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Soother Gloss (SPF 20) in Glaze #60
E.L.F. Lip Oil in Pink Kiss

May Favorites 2018 | Products I Love

May has come and gone, but my favorites are living on! Hope you all had a beautiful month of May. Today I’m sharing what I have put to the test and have been reaching for this month. Please share what favorites and best of’s you can’t live without. I’d love to know!

Winter Blues

Top: Honey Punch
Jeans: Free People
Bag: Furla “Scoop”
Shoes: Donald Pilner
Suns: Salt. Optics “Rodden”

This season is proving that the cold weather in Florida is here to stay, at least for now. I don’t mind though…bring on the cozy sweaters and fabulous boots. This cold shoulder top with a slight flare sleeve brings attitude and style, to an otherwise everyday sweater. The shoes and bag play off each other with silver tones and textures being similar, but different enough so they don’t compete with each other.

Oh, and the bag…THE BAG. Let me start by saying I have been obsessed with the Chloe “Faye”– the sophisticated shape, the style, the lo profile logo. What I’m not so obsessed with? The price, yowza! Don’t get me wrong, if you wear it all the time, the cost per wear can be bearable, right? But is Chloe as strong a fashion house as some of the other big players? Remember the “Paddington”? Anyone? That’s for another post. This handbag by Furla totally gives me the same feelings (for about half the price), and isn’t that what it’s all about? Oh, and the best part is that it’s reversible. Yep, that beautiful snake skin that may not go with everything flips over and voilà a universal bag.

Marc Jacobs Holiday 2017: The Wild One Eye-Conic Eyeshadow palette & Le’ Marc Lip Creme in Purr-fect

It’s finally here, the holidays are officially upon us. One of my favorite times about the holidays are weather changes, autumnal candles, sweaters, boots, cuddles, and of course, holiday makeup. I’ll be honest, I was not immediately drawn to the colors in this palette. Online, it was an easy pass for me. Once I saw it in store it was a different story. The colors drew me in, but then the swatches and formula left me putting it in my bag. I wanted to give this palette and it’s lippie counterpart more attention, because after using them for a few weeks, I already felt they were becoming some of my favorites.

From left to right: Paper Tiger, Nest Egg, Golden Fleece, Foxy!

     Paper Tiger is slightly darker than my skin tone, but works as a lovely canvas shade to start any look. The gold in the palette is the perfect neutral, almost champagne gold. This really drew me to the palette, as the Edgeitorial six shadow set is a much more rich, yellow/orange gold. I find that these more champagne/neutrals just work better on my fair complexion. Overall, I am just so impressed with the texture and pigmentation of these colors.

      Nine Lives, Lion’s Share, Cat Fight, Free Bird

     I think when first looking at this palette, Cat Fight and Free Bird, although beautiful, are the colors that make this palette confusing upon first look. The Marc Jacobs beauty team made pairing these colors so easy when you put the quads together vertically. If you are someone who like palettes to be organized in a way that makes sense for a total look, this is something that will definitely help. All of these swatches are compartmentalized in five groups of quads the way MJB intended them to be.

     Sheepish, Chameleon, Dog & Pony, Bearish

     Here is where you start to notice that the mattes in the palette are very soft. That being said, they are not near as soft as the ABH palettes, and although soft, they are very creamy to the touch. You will notice a few pieces of shadow that came off on these swatches, but blending them is quite effortless. I will say, though, that because they are so soft I definitely recommend using an eyeshadow primer. I found that when I used my Tarte Shape Tape with a little setting powder the mattes didn’t wear as long as I would have liked.

     Early Bird, Hen Party, Bull’s-Eye, Cat Call

     Is is possible Hen Party is quite worth the $99 in full? Of course not, but it sure comes close. This color is to die for! As someone who owns more palettes that I’d like to admit, I can tell you I have nothing like this in my collection. This photo doesn’t even do it justice. This is the shade that drew me in. This is where it all started. This is a fair warning.

     White Elephant, Funny Bunny, Pea-cocky, Crow’s Nest

     Upon first look at this row, I was all “meh”. But then, then…I put it on my eyes. WOW. This is an effortless catwalk look at the tip of your fingers. I think these blue tones pair so lovely with the hint of honey rose colored lipstick. These colors on, just gave me some kind of “it” girl feeling. Channeling my Alexa Chung, I smoked out Pea-cocky in my crease, White Elephant on my lid, Crow’s Nest in the outer V, and Funny Bunny for a bit of highlight. I was transformed into a 60’s maven, and loving it.

MJ: Chameleon, Natasha Denona: Dragon Bite, Buxom: No Faux,

Wet N Wild: Plaid to the Bone, Butter London: Oil Slick

     Here, I wanted to swatch Chameleon next to some of my other favorite duo chrome shadows in my collection for comparison. It’s funny how, in store, I saw that shade and immediately thought, I have that already. However, once I had it next to some of my other faves, I realized how different it actually was. A lovely surprise.

      Full On Lip Creme in Purr-fect.

     I also wanted to include this gorgeous, universally flattering lip color when talking about this collection. It is described as rose-bud pink, with color that lasts up to 10 hours. Now, if I didn’t eat anything, I’m sure it would last the full 10 hours, but let’s be real. This is a cream lipstick. However, of all my creme lipsticks, this one is definitely the most long lasting…even after eating. It is also the most hydrating. This lipstick does wonders for the lines in my lips, maybe even more so than most chapsticks–and that is probably what is most impressive. It contains seaberry oil, (a favorite skincare ingredient of mine), meranti, coconut butter, and peptides for a plump effect. I did notice that my lips seemed slightly plumped, but not full/lip injected.  In other words, the perfect pout to compliment the perfect eye.