Fl Farmin’: the real simple life.

I had the joy of visiting a local farm this past weekend called Conagree & Penn. If you don’t already know, I have a lot of ties to farm life. No, I didn’t grow up on a farm, but my dad did. As a little girl I loved visiting the place where he grew up and hearing about his first time on a tractor or about the taste of fresh milk…something we don’t really get to experience in our “modern age”.

As I grow older in our tech driven world, the simplicity of the farm has become so cherished to me. It’s an opportunity to spend time outdoors with the ones we love, surrounded by a bonfire, drinking fresh cider and looking out at the horses.

We were here for an early lunch. The tables are classic farmhouse style to enjoy each others company, as well as the company of others. Pull up, have a meal and meet someone IRL. I KNOW… the concept is foreign to many, but in a culture where we rely so heavily on social media it’s nice to go back to the simple things in life.

Cheers to November with new experiences…embracing the old!

Best things to do in Nashville + What I Wore | Fall 2019

Get ready for the South, ya’ll. That’s right, prepare yourself for southern charm, good eatin’ and the best boot and hat community around (sorry Texas)! After having visited Nashville several times (I honeymooned there and my sister lives there)…I felt it was appropriate to share some of my favorite places in the 615.

Let me start by saying the Parthenon is a must see! Now, I have been to the real Parthenon in Greece and, yes, I still enjoy this architectural replica. The giant Athena statue is a breathtaking 42 ft tall painted in real gold and the largest indoor statue. Very cool!

There are several wall paintings around Nashville, but I love that these are right across from each other (2706 12th Ave South) and just a few blocks away from a good cup of coffee at Frothy Monkey and the best donuts ever over at Five Daughters. Besides, you’ll need to do a little walking since you may have over indulged in the seasonal Huckleberry donuts you had earlier.

Walking distance right between donuts and coffee on 12 south is the most adorable pumpkin patch. As a Florida girl, the cool weather in October and fall scenery was everything I was hoping for. If you’re a fan of turmeric, I highly recommend the Golden Monkey which is a turmeric latte. Feel free to jolt it up with a shot of espresso for energy on the go.

While over in the area, don’t forget to visit Amelia’s Flower truck or the best place for local gifts White’s Mercantile. Here you’ll find niche candles, tons of barware, and even something for the kids.

For lunch I had the pleasure of visiting the RH Cafe which is attached to the Green Hills mall. The setting was gorgeous and had the atmosphere of sitting outside while still being indoors. We started with burrata and a peach bellini, both of which were divine. We then all gushed over the burger, french dip and lobster rolls. Make sure you don’t leave without exploring the store as the design will give pinterest in real life vibes.

Afterwards we continued on our journey to do some more Christmas shopping and headed over to East Nashville. As a beauty enthusiast, I was on the hunt for a local beauty store and boy did I hit the jackpot! Lemon Laine was absolutely darling. Centered around natural beauty and wellness, this shop inspired me to try things I wouldn’t find at my local Sephora or Ulta. This is an absolute must try for the beauty lover in your life who seems to have or tried everything.

Besides beauty, there is also a delightful store around the corner called Welcome Home where you can find anything from crafted candles to hydroponic herb gardens. If you have a chance to visit any of these places please let me know in the comments, otherwise be sure to check out Fatherland’s Abode Mercantile, Jeni’s Ice Creams, and Martins BBQ. I could go on and on about all the places Nashville has to offer, but these are my currents faves. Please let me know some of your must go to places below!

Midi Dress Season

As Labor Day weekend approaches it seems fitting to bring out one of my best buys this season, the midi dress. This dress was so nice I bought it twice. Well, in two different colors I should add. But, at the price, it can’t be beat! I really love the midi dress as it is great piece to transition from summer to fall. I also bought this in a beautiful green color that could easily be paired with high rise boots + a mini leather jacket, but for now let’s talk about summer.

This dress runs a little on the small size. I am usually between a S/M at Forever 21 and this is one I recommend sizing up. I went with the medium, and it is the perfect fit. When wearing a midi dress I want to feel pretty and feminine, not frumpy or matronly. I love the plunging neck line, the wood button details and the split front. I decided to pair this weekend outfit with these Via Spiga Macra 2 sneakers. They have a bit of a sporty look to them, but still carry on fem vibes with the woven corded, basket look. I’ve been pairing these with everything lately. They go with so much, but give each outfit a relaxed vibe. If you are not a fan of the sporty look, strappy/lace up sandals or even some wedges would pair nicely with this look.

As for makeup, I am wearing the Natasha Denona Sunrise palette on my eyes, and the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker in “Coy” on the lips. I adore this palette and feel it is a great transitional piece that will work year round. The colors can be built up or worn more softly diffused like seen above. For nails I have on the Smith & Cult polish in “Kundalini Hustle.” This color red is an easy classic that pairs with almost any outfit.

If you’ve ever seen Portlandia and are familiar with the phrase “put a bird on it”, then you will be familiar with my version this summer “put a scarf on it.” Scarfs add a flirtatious sense of style with a bit of femininity that is sometimes lost when wearing sneakers with a dress. Not sure how to pair patterns? Think in terms of contrasting or complimentary colors. My dress has a lot of orange/coral/yellow/pink tones , or, warm tones essentially. Let’s contrast them by adding a cool tone, blue. This scarf works well because it also has some pink floral details which relate it back to the outfit.

We also NEED to talk about basket bags. They are taking over summer, and it’s easy to see why…they go with EVERYTHING. This one is a bit of a Mary Poppins type bag. See that sunglass case? Yep, that fits in the bag…along with my lipgloss, scrunchi, and iPhone Plus. Basket bags are a long weekend essential.

What do you think of the midi dress and basket bag craze? And, how do you pair colors and patterns together? I’d love to know!

Dress: Forever 21

Bag: Sam Edelman “Millie”

Shoes: Via Spiga

Eyeglass Case: Rebecca Minkoff

Scarf: Forever 21

Bullet Journal August 2019 | Reflections + September Goals

August has been a crazy month of ups and downs this year. It has been filled with birthdays, work changes, and re-sparking a new joy and love for an old passion. I am beginning my journey of sharing this passion through bullet journaling. It combines two of my favorite activities: art + organization. Have you ever made a digital list, go to check something off of it, then *POOF* the thing you accomplished has vanished into the black hole of never never land. Not to be heard of, or ever remembered again. Pen to paper is so rewarding, and almost a lost art of itself. *She said typing on her expensive digital device*.

In all seriousness, I bring you the bullet journal. If you’re unfamiliar with bullet journaling I’ll break it down. It is a custom planner, journal, life organizer, anything you want it to be book. That’s right, it’s a blank canvas for you to fill with whatever you choose, and here’s mine:

Rainbows, clouds, and dreamland have been my state of mind this month. As you can see I made that my theme for this month. I think it’s important to actualize your dreams by writing them down on paper and revisiting them. I also find that by writing down goals each month it helps achieve your overall arching goals for the year. Whether that be working out, reading some new books, or starting on a passion project you’ve been meaning to start since January. Monthly goals help keep me grounded with realistic steps to achieve the big stuff.

Next, I decided to add a monthly calendar to see the overall picture. Here is where I add birthdays, appointments, and the most important to-do’s of the month. I also have a space for books on the sidebar. This will be a list of recommendations I want to get to and inspiration to grow my mind and ideas. And, yes, audio books count too!

From here, I knew I wanted to add weekly layouts so I know what I can do each day to accomplish my monthly goals. Have you gathered I am a creative type A at this point? This month I am trying out a couple of weekly layout styles to see which one works with my week flow the best. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a cat pic <3.

To finish off the month I thought it would be important to have a reflection page. This is something that does not often come standard in a typical planner, but it adds value to keep myself accountable with the tasks and experiences I challenge myself with. Now, it’s impossible to finish ALL the tasks/plans I’ve ever made. So, I added a review of things to look at as I take on the next month with an ideas space on how to accomplish the new ventures.

It’s tough starting something new, but with an open heart, a custom plan of action, and maybe some coffee + music we can all take the next step to be a better us.

Let’s do what we love, and do a lot of it. –Marc Jacobs

Effortless Sunday

Top: Madewell
Pants: Current Elliott
Shoes: Adidas
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Choker: Loren Olivia
Sunglasses: Salt.

It’s finally feeling *a little bit* like winter in Florida. Isn’t it so hard to get out of bed in the colder months? This was one of those days. A la I want to still have the rest of my day with minimum effort and maximum comfort. Current Elliott are the kind of jeans that feel so soft you could sleep in them. They are some of my absolute favorites–so snuggly. Add some sneakers and this oversized crop top and I was all set for some barbacoa tacos & mezcal margaritas.


Shirt: Topshop
Pants: J Brand “Maria”
Shoes: Sam Edelman “Tinsley”
Bag: Sam Edelman
Jewelry: Loren Oliva/Marc by Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses: Salt.

I’m back at it, and right before the new year. Already making one one of my New Year’s resolutions to be more active on my blog, and my now YouTube┬áchannel. Here is to the New Year! Goodbye 2016! Well, before I say goodbye, I’m planning on one more post after this one…and it was shot in one of my favorite areas of north Florida.

You see, I’m already dreaming about the future. Let’s start with the present. You know those days where it’s so dreary out you just feel like throwing on sweatpants and not doing anything with your hair? This was almost one of those days, but then I remembered these amazing boots! Thank you Sam Edelman for making a stylish boot for the masses. I’ve pinned several $200+ rain boots on Pinterest over the past few years so when I saw these were under $55 they immediately made my wish list. Keeping with my green theme is a nod to the cold shoulder trend. I love the muted tone of this Topshop piece, and I’m finding this trend to be a perfect addition to the fluctuating weather here. I paired it with these almost black high waisted jeans from one of my favorite brands. The feeling of being hands free is also a new regular for me right now, which is why this backpack purse has been a staple for me recently. I love the way the fringe adds a detailed element to this look while also remaining minimal at the same time.