Santorini: A Day in Oia

Hello world I can’t wait to be a part of you again. While these photos may look like no one was around, we got up early to enjoy these sights for ourselves (or mostly). It’s sad to think this beauty can’t be explored the way it used to in the current state of affairs. So here is an homage to the beautiful Oia, Santorini.

I’m convinced it’s impossible to find a spot in Oia that isn’t postcard worthy. Every corner there is something beautiful to see. I think the only non glamorous part is how much my calves hurt after walking up and down the city all day (but that could just be me).

When you’re in a place this beautiful the only appropriate thing to do is dance. It was somewhat windy when we visited, but I love the movement this maxi skirt gave, the florals on the dark black fabric brought the outfit to life. Perhaps this is what the phrase “soul meets body” means.

Now of course, would I have really been in Greece without THE ultimate gladiator sandals? These are not for the faint of heart, as they do stand out, but in the best way! They work in great combination with this peekaboo slit skirt for a touch of added drama.

Walking around the streets of Oia were incredibliy inspiring in so many ways. The architecture against the cliff landscape calls to be painted. Even the photographs themselves look unreal. That is the beauty of this small island with enourmous charm. I hope we can all explore again one day soon.

Top: Nasty Gal

Skirt: Flynn Skye

Shoes + Bag: Sam Edelman

Earrings: Kendra Scott

Sunglasses: Krewe

Santorini from Day to Night

My first day in Santorini was such an experience. We stayed in Fira and decided to rent an ATV to make our way over to Oia. This was something we learned that was totally worth every penny (more in the next post)! Since we arrived by Ferry sometime in the early afternoon, this was our first chance to get out and see the island.

Just like Mykonos the island is filled with gorgeous flowers spilling out of each building, bringing life and happiness to the domed homes and businesses. Everywhere you look could easily be a backdrop, and the views looking out over the Aegean Sea are breathtaking.

We did much exploring and walking around the volcanic island, enough to work up an appetite. We stopped in what seemed to be a pizza place from the outside, but inside looked like a charming bakery of all sorts (Skiza Cafe). I was so impressed with the food but also the open views available while dining–not to mention the very affordable prices! I wasn’t really sure what to expect in Oia, since my research suggested that it was quite pricey. It was a very pleasant surprise.

The other thing on my to do list for Santorini, especially in Oia, was to have dinner on a rooftop and watch the sunset. We did this at Pelekanos Restaurant. We started with Greek Rose wine, made on the island, and finishing with the most divine Baklava. A truly romantic setting.

Santorini sunset is like none other and my pictures do it no justice. I can not even put it into words–which is why I’m sure many instrumental songs have been named after its beauty. If you ever have the chance to see heaven on earth do not pass it up!

Dress: Forever 21

Coverup: LC Lauren Conrad

Shoes: Timberland

Jewelry: Kendra Scott

Glasses: Krewe in style “Cohn” Rose Gold

Downtown Mykonos | How I’m Preparing for Spring

Downtown Mykonos is gorgeous and every corner has a street to get lost on. It’s easy to get lost in the streets as each gorgeous view takes you from one street to the next. I even met a special friend.

Gimme a graphic tee, a kitty, and some pompoms and I am set. I am loving the graphic tee trend that has made a come back. If only I had kept my sassy graphic tee’s from junior high….

One thing that hasn’t changed since junior high is my love for mixing prints and colors. Whether it be nail colors or what I’m wearing, I love thinking about what colors, patterns and textures go together. If this intimidates you, don’t think of clothes you have, but think of color palettes and go from there. If you have a Pinterest account it is very easy to search color palettes if you need a little more inspo.

The churches in downtown Mykonos, and in Greece in general, are so beautiful. The white walls are a reminder of the purity of our Savior, and even miles away from home I feel completely at peace.

The photo above may be my absolute favorite from our entire trip, outside of the ones with my husband. Mainly because this view is the exact picture I had saved on my Pinterest board for a dream vacation. Little did I know at the time I saved this exact photo is the view looking out (see below)…even looking at these pictures now I still can’t believe I made it there.

Now let’s take a minute to talk about the food, but especially the Gyros. I could eat them all day everyday. This one in particular was our absolute favorite for the entire trip. We made sure to sample several places throughout our journey, but Sakis was easily the best.

Even though Mykonos has the reputation of a party island, don’t be so quick to judge this beautiful paradise. We were able to find cozy restaurants, beautiful sunsets, and were only footsteps from the beach. Looking back this was my favorite and easily the most romantic spot of our trip. Now onto Santorini…

Top: Target

Skirt: LC Lauren Conrad

Shoes: Teiks

Bag: Sam Edelman


Earrings: Baublebar

Mykonos | Windmills + Sunsets

Continuing our dream vacation in paradise I knew comfort was key. As far as clothes to pack it may depend on the time of year you visit. We went mid September and it was windy! Hair up is a must for windy days. We were lucky and were told it was even windier a few days earlier–so long sunglasses. Thankfully we didn’t have to worry about that. This long dress was perfect because I knew it would stay down. It was also quite rocky and the roads were a bit uneven so good walking shoes will go a long way. I found these adorable Timberland walking sandals with cushion support so easy to walk in. They were comfortable and didn’t sacrifice any style-the perfect vacay sandal.

Next, we ventured into town for a little shopping and to grab a seat prime time for sunset. I had read that it’s best to snag a seat early in order to get a good spot, but one thing that is not mentioned is finding a seat in the shade. This is paramount if you want to enjoy the sunset without sweating. We were lucky enough to find a cozy corner spot in the shade at Breeze Cocktail Bar. We may have taken “getting early” to an extreme, as we arrived around 3 hours prior to sunset. This was a little over the top, and I think you’d be fine to find a spot 1.5-2 hrs before the magic happens.

We settled in and enjoyed some cocktails. Above is their passionfruit + mint cocktail- SO GOOD. But my favorite was the Ouzo with rosewater. This was my fist time trying Ouzo (think anise/licorice flavor) and it was so well balanced with the rosewater. Two flavor combinations I would have not thought to put together but ones that married with each other so wonderfully. I highly recommend trying Ouzo if you get the chance.

This picturesque spot lent itself to a beautiful view of the windmills at sunset. The Little Venice area in general is the spot to be for sunrise and sunset, but we particularity enjoyed our stay at this cozy hidden gem on the strip.

After sunset the city comes to life again and it’s time to get lost in the streets of the the island. I was curious what nightlife would be like (or at least the kind before the parties begin) and it was lovely. Twinkle lights are strung above some of the walkways and music plays outside of restaurants with the best smelling enticements. We ate dinner at a modern concept gastronomy restaurant called Pepper Souvlaki and it was delicious. I highly recommend there Saganaki which was irresistible. Feel free to indulge to your hearts content as you will be walking around quite a bit shopping and sight seeing. Of course, I ended up at my cosmetic stomping grounds, Sephora! Seeing the black in white stripes in a cave dome was a fun experience and made for a good photo op. Besides, would it really be a trip if I didn’t end up here at some point?

Dress: LC by Lauren Conrad

Scarf Belt: BP.

Shoes: Timberland “Bailey Park”

Head Scarf: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Mykita Gapi

Mykonos, Greece | Living in a painting

Can you see it? The part of my smile that feels so incandescently happy? Here, I feel like the Mona Lisa. Of course, I don’t know what she felt like but if I could guess it would be that she gained a piece of knowledge about the world or universe she never knew existed.

The view from our hotel was spectacular and like stepping into a dream. You can’t see it here, but just to the right was the beach. We were welcomed lovingly into the hotel with freshly made drinks upon arrival, and a junior suite to our surprise. Is this heaven on earth?

We walked down the beach and put our feet in the water. It was a beautiful day out and it’s easy to say this trip certainly topped our honeymoon. I can see why it is a wedding destination. Everywhere you look, all the food you eat is so satisfying.

We decided to walk to town nearby and grab dessert and some sunflower covered bread sticks to make our own dinner a la carte. We figured since we were blessed with a mini kitchenette we might as well take advantage of it! Here are are the spoils!

And voilĂ  we have dinner. We had no idea what kind of cheese to get so when we went to the market we asked the lovely lady at the counter and she gave us two to try. One resembled closer to goat cheese and the other almost a mix of goat cheese and cheddar…however the were still their absolute own uniqueness. So tasty! Of course, we also had to grab hummus, tzatziki, olives, honey, and greek wine.

The mosaic streets, perfectly painted gave a beautiful feel to the city. With the wind blowing, I couldn’t help but twirl like a ballerina. The weather, scenery, food…was an entire mood. This must be the place.

The view from our room was breathtaking. God painted the sky against the white buildings and I saw his wonders that night. Even looking back at these photos feels like a dream. Onto the next one!

Top: Topshop
Midi Skirt: Chelsea & Violet
Wrap: LC Lauren Conrad
Shoes: Birkenstock "Arizona"
Sunglasses: Krewe
Earrings: Vintage